Saturday, February 18, 2012

100 days of drama

What a week. Students telling eachother they're going to kill eachother's families (this in lieu of the so much more standard "I'm not gonna be your friendddd.") Needless to say, it's been dramatic. I say this lightly, but I didn't and don't take it lightly. First graders should not be threatening to kill eachother's families. One student said it and it spread like wildfire in my room and ended with a huge group of children problem solving in the office and me having a very serious conversation with a student's mom about bullying (she is from Cuba...and she told me while Cuba has immense political problems, students never bully one another, aren't a part of gangs, etc, and she's adjusting to this incredibly different reality that comes along with living in the United States, most specifically...Oakland.) Despite everything, we had a pretty good week.
Valentine's day was overwhelmingly filled with love, gifts, and hugs. I loved every moment of it and I think my students did too. We celebrated the 100th day of school that day, sharing what we would do when we were 100 years old (lots of my students are apparently going to be riding their awesome motorcycles and others will be serving tea to all their friends), making necklaces with 100 cheerios, and drawing sets of 100 things. I spent Friday testing my students in reading and found that they all have grown and got some insight what I need to work on (fluency, fluency, fluency!)
Now I sit amidst incredible beauty in Murrieta Valley for President's Day weekend, relaxing, sipping coffee, enjoying drinking beer (since I have been limiting myself during the week) and eating delicious, fresh food. Feeling refreshed and excited for the week to come. :)