Monday, May 28, 2012

Criss-cross applesauce all day

I've got this itchy feeling to get outside. I have not left my post from my chair all day, other than giving the kitchen a "deep clean" and hard-boiling some eggs. I've been lost in IQ84, the t.v. playing Crooklyn in the background, and a surreality has enveloped me. I cried in Crooklyn, then buried myself back in 1Q84 and as a result feel emotionally drained. I need to get up out of this spot and DO SOMETHING. I often tell CMF (He tells me not to forget the F when I write his initials...I can imagine him reading this blog post [perfectly, of course] and being impressed that I remembered the hyphenated second part of his last name) I'm going to take my invisible glue and put it on his chair so he doesn't fall out of it or sit in it unsafely. He laughs every I think some of that glue is stuck on my butt. I'm SO LAZY.
I had a lovely weekend camping at an overpopulated, RV filled campland (there was a gourmet espresso shop within walking distance and instructions on how to set up take camping with a grain of salt), but it was so very relaxing and great to be around friends. We cooked on camping stoves, made s'mores, were those "old people" who asked the other people around us to please be quiet when they were making noise after (and before) hours. We had a grand time floating in the lake, drinking beer (and lots of coffee) and reading. It was a sneak peek into summer, which I am anxiously awaiting. Three weeks left! This is our last "real week" of instruction--then the last two weeks of school are minimum days, which I'm hoping to pack with tons of fun activities that will end the year on a lively, joyous note.
Now I'm going to attempt a run--I have been too dormant all day. My knees are sore from sitting criss cross applesauce in my chair all day--wow.

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