Thursday, September 19, 2013

"But my teacher does it this way....."

Last night I dreamt of cuckoo children, no sub plans, and mice crawling all over my legs. I was greeted with no sub plans, stories of a mouse scrambling around the trash can the day before in the classroom, and a hurried briefing from the teacher five minutes before the day started. And yet, when the day began, it was just...normal.
Adorable antsy cutie who wouldn't stop humming stage left. A breakdancing aficionado who bopped around the room. 19 boys and 9 girls. Parents, high school helpers, and a one on one aide for a boy with an IEP. A little pixie who had mouth vomit on the rug, which was shut off with a VERY firm "We do NOT shout out on the rug. EVER." and the eyebrows down look that used to give me an end-of-day headache. A minor pushing issue in line, and lots of "My teacher does it this way...." A very calm end of day, and then time in another Kinder class and a *gasp* sixth grade class! Yes, they were as big as me, but not nearly as intimidating as I thought. I quite enjoyed it.
Best part...I get to go back tomorrow, for more butterfly life-cycle, choice timing, singing, breakdancing, decorating, Kindergarten goodness.

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