Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Oh my, I want a piece of poo"

David just told me I shouldn't blog tonight, so naturally I decided I should.

I had a bad day filled with wiggles, whining, stomping, crying, and cheeto-eating. I yelled more than once. One of my students cartwheeled to the bathroom and one rolled on the floor to the bathroom and were told on by the school nurse.

R kept sneaking cheetos from her backpack. I was hungry, lethargic, and overall just grumpy. I want to plan more fun things for my class to do, but they keep acting bananas.

I would love it if first graders could take a quick break from falling all over the floor and eating their shoelaces. I would also love it if I could stop losing my cool and using a mean voice with them

Macaroni and cheese and a beer is making me feel a little better...but I might need one more cold one and then some warm tea to soothe my throat that is both swollen from cold and strained, mean words alike.Today I taught my students a rhyme about pie and J said "Oh, my...I want a piece of poo." to students to be funny instead of "Oh, my, I want a piece of pie." I talked quietly with her about using yucky words at school...then laughed hysterically to myself. Highlight of my day.


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