Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hunger Games, Ohio, and Football

I am obsessed with the Hunger Games. Last night I had a dream that I was running through the forest, dodging arrows, and someone handed me a knife so I could fight back. Then I woke up and, embarrassingly, lamented for a minute that I wasn't bad-ass enough to actually be in The Hunger Games. I spent this lovely day at synagogue with David's family, then at a beautiful production of Les Miserables, and now overdosing on pie and milk (and football). I don't like football. (Shh, don't tell--I'm going to a Bengals game tomorrow and am more excited about sipping cold celebration ale and playing Cut-the-rope on my phone than actually watching the game.) But I will be surrounded by lovely people.
I land in Oakland tomorrow at 11 PM, and then will proceed to do the night-before-school-after-a-break-stress out session, worrying about report cards, conferences, and whether or not I remember how to teach children. I will be doing teachery things on the plane--planning a new seating chart, thinking what read aloud I want to do for Monday, how I can get my students conversing at their tables more and using sentence frames during Math more...etc, etc.
I suppose right now I don't need to be thinking about all these things but the USC game is on and that inspires me to do anything not-football think about teaching (let's be honest, I rarely think of anything else.) Although I must admit that this past week, my thoughts have strayed more to Catniss and Peeta than to my students (what is wrong with me?)

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