Sunday, December 4, 2011

Karaoke, apartments, and engaging students

It's report card time. Which means looking at lots of data, realizing that lots needs to be done to get my students where they need to be...and this feeling that perhaps I'm not doing enough just yet to get my students up to speed. I do feel like giving myself a break, though, and taking the next two weeks to really enjoy being around my students and hearing from them how they think they're doing, what's going well for them in first grade, and what we can do after break to make sure they are learning the important skills they need to read.
Aside from school, this weekend has been quite lovely...filled with tree decorating (first at Mom and Dad's, then here at my place with a miniature tree), hot beverages, karaoke, and apartment hunting. Found two amazing places nearby that are quite affordable, both with lots of applicants though, so we shall see.
I began tutoring this weekend and am excited to get to work with this particular family again (an old student from when I student taught in Orinda). It's interesting coming back and feeling like I know so much more about how to help these girls in their academics in a fun way. A year and a half being thrown into teaching has taught me a lot about engagement and getting kids to enjoy what they're doing (you'd be amazed at what some cutesy clip art can do to a number sentence...), or calling a test a "game." Choices, choices, choices are always great, and computers add excitement to ANYTHING...
I am very much looking forward to seeing my class tomorrow. (Maybe that's because I know there are only 2 short weeks until vacation...)

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