Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future teachers

RD's new favorite choice activity is to use the mini whiteboards to act as the teacher. "Okay, teacher vs. student time. D, go take a break. How many ways can we make 10? Let's see, we can use tally marks...7 + 3 = 10. Ok, now let's try 11. How about this one?" She fills in 10 + 1= 11. Natalia, next to her, writes 5+ 6= 11. Then she looks pointedly at D, signals for him to come back with the group, and he walks carefully back to the table. I laugh into my hands as they bring me a whiteboard to be a student with them.
I should relish in these moments, where students are exhibiting what they've learned even if it makes me cringe a little to hear my own words echoed. "You have a choice...either you stay here and learn or you go to another class." Ouch. So true.

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