Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 brings so much for me. A half marathon, many new organizational and professional goals, and a WEDDING! I have a new, beautiful nephew, and a renewed appreciation for the profession I have chosen and all that comes with it.
Professionally, I'm feeling a little stuck. I know the learning curve is different for everyone, but I have been feeling downright behind for a third-year teacher. I will keep on keepin' on, hopefully with a big smile on my face, but the realities of this job and the realities of my demeanor (disorganized, inconsistent) are wearing on my confidence and classroom. This break was certainly just what I needed, but I'm finding myself dreading starting again and overwhelmed by the reality that awaits me (two children who have very high emotional needs, who I want to help greatly, but feel I am misserving because there are at least two intense outbursts every day in my classroom.) I know I will push through and do the best I can, but taking it in stride has been difficult. We have such a great responsibility as educators, and to feel like I am failing in that is certainly not good. I will continue to do fun activities, continue to tell the children how much I love them, and try to keep the yelling to an absolute minimum. Even just writing these words makes me feel grateful for a few more days of rest.
On a happier note, Hanukkah and Christmas were absolutely lovely this year. Watching my nephews (I have 3) open their gifts was incredibly joyous, and being surrounded by family, cookies and smiles was rejuvenating. I've been spending as much time as possible with my parents and family this break...even living 20 miles away makes it harder to see them as much as I'd like during the school year.
I resolve to reflect and post more about the lessons I'm doing and resources I'm using. I've been creating some units on teachers pay teachers, most of which are free. Wish all a happy, healthy 2013, and days at school filled with joy. 

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