Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday nights.

Sunday nights are always anxiety-producing. Did I plan enough to do tomorrow? Will my dreams be ridden with pencils and shushing and team points? Sunday mornings are perhaps my favorite, Sunday evenings are even worse than Monday. The anticipation of the week is quite difficult for me. Tonight I worry that my classroom will still be in shambles tomorrow since I didn't do a lick of cleaning after school Friday...just headed straight for the door to leave for Newport Beach. I still don't have my new transition song solidified...I need to sharpen pencils, change out the math workstations, make copies, make my lunch, all those things that all teachers do...that at the moment seem so daunting. Then, I'm thinking of what I will do when the meltdowns am I going to make this week better than the last?
I don't know, but surely I'll dream about it.

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