Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Something new

My blog, up to this point, has been primarily a place for me to mull over what it is to be a teacher, celebrate the joys, and share the hilarity that is first grade. I plan to continue to do that, but also to share some activities I've been making. I've been trying my hand at sharing some activities I've been using in my class via teacherspayteachers, and thought I might share that here as well. For fellow K or 1 teachers, here is a link to a math workstation I'm starting this week...
Click here for a copy

We've been working extensively with place value and I think this is a good review...students simply roll the die and tally the number they find, then answer the questions. You should be able to access it by clicking the link. The activity is part of a bigger packet I've created with 70 pages of activities...click on the graphic to take you there.

That's about all. Yay trying something new!

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