Monday, October 10, 2011


I spent the majority of this weekend in bed. On Friday at PD I thought I drank too much coffee on an empty stomach, then Saturday I thought I was just hungover, until Sunday I realized I shouldn't be hungover for that long, and got a fever. By today I was feeling much better, but grateful to spend the day testing my students with an awesome guest teacher in my room. I was a bit of a rebel and went to get coffee for some coworkers when I finished testing and did some prep work while I had a sub in my room, and in turn feel rejuvenated and excited for tomorrow.
I returned to my room with lots of happy students asking if I was going to be there tomorrow, and cheering when I said yes. Last year my students my students may not have cared as much, because I was so often exhausted, irritable, and at my wit's end. (We'll see how my students feel about me come December.) Overall, though, I'm feeling really connected to this group and look forward to seeing them every day.
Gem of the day: MS crawling up the stairs of our new building with CM, grunting the whole time. I noticed they were taking a while so I ducked out of the testing room to see what was going on. CM was coaxing MS up the stairs, and MS kept saying "I'm scared, I'm scared!" Poor things..I forgot about the stairs issue. I led MS up the rest of the stairs and then made sure to walk him back down myself after he was done with his test...oh, dear.

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